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Piter Ivanov, 123RF

Looking for System Admins …

Do you take care of a network – large or small? Are you the one the users call when they have problems with email or can't reach a website? Are you embroiled in questions of how to subdivide and when to virtualize? Do you keep watch over a server farm? Do you patrol the perimeter, managing firewall configurations and looking for gaps that would let an intruder inside? Are you the one who answers to the suits, bridging the technical divide between the server room and the board room with practical advice on where to go and how to grow in the changing world of information technology?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, look inside. Admin: Network and Security is all about the real world of system administration. You'll find detailed, practical articles on topics such as security, network monitoring, clustering, and troubleshooting – for admins who manage Windows, Linux, Unix, and Solaris systems in heterogeneous environments.

In these pages, you'll learn about some new features of the Windows PowerShell that let you configure Windows Active Directory from the command line. We'll show you how to rescue lost systems with Knoppix. We'll tell you about spam on IP phone connections, show you how to save configuration time with a Linux-based software appliance, and describe the innovative OpenSolaris Zones virtualization environment.

Also included with this issue is a free double-sided DVD with Knoppix 6.3 Live Linux and the BackTrack penetration testing system. Take a fresh look at what you do every day with a special edition magazine that is all for admins.