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Featuring Fedora!

Fedora 15 Multiboot

This issue's Admin magazine DVD spotlights Fedora 15 with two desktops and two architectures. From the custom boot menu, choose the Gnome or KDE desktop. The isolinux bootloader will detect a 64-bit system and automatically boot the 64-bit Fedora version. Otherwise, the bootloader will start a 32-bit Gnome or KDE system. If you would like to select an architecture manually, choose Select Specific Architecture.

With version 15, Fedora [1] continues its tradition of pioneering the latest software into the mainstream Linux world. The new Gnome 3 desktop makes its Fedora debut for systems with 3D graphics support (2D systems will see a modified version of Gnome 2 that incorporates Gnome 3 design elements). LibreOffice replaces the productivity suite. Other improvements include a shorter boot time with the new systemd daemon.