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On the DVD

Fedora 24 Server

Fedora 24 Server operating system lets system administrators make use of the latest server-based technologies. Cockpit offers a modern web interface from which to monitor system status and performance, and the Rolekit tool simplifies deployment and management of server roles. PostgreSQL backs up an enterprise-class, scalable database server. Fedora 24 also offers:

Knoppix 7.6

The popular Knoppix is the pioneering Live Linux system loved by Linux power users and admins around the world. Knoppix comes with a powerful toolkit of expert utilities for system maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as an impressive collection of everyday desktop applications. Version 7.6 comes with Linux kernel 4.2.2, the Wine 1.7.50 Windows integration tool, and experimental support for UEFI boot and Secure Boot.