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On the DVD


openSUSE Leap 42.2 (64-bit Install)

OpenSUSE's hybrid Linux distribution combines source from SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) with community contributions. Release 42.2 now contains even more code from SLE 12 Service Pack 2. NVDIMM, OmniPATH, and Data Plane Development Kit with Open vSwitch have been back-ported. Leap now offers a nongraphical server profile during installation, along with the KDE Plasma 5.8 and Gnome 3.20 desktops. The openSUSE project releases new minor updates periodically, and users are expected to upgrade within six months. Leap 42.2 will have a lifecycle of 18 months, and the 42 series is expected to achieve an estimated 36 months of maintenance and security updates [1] [2].

Parrot Security (32-bit Live)

Install this specialized security distro on a USB drive, and you can deploy security-oriented tools to perform penetration tests, security audits, and digital forensic data evidence acquisition. Parrot has a full development environment, with editors and IDEs pre-installed. Based on Debian ("stretch"), the distro has a custom Linux 4.9 kernel, rolling release updates, and a hardened and isolated build environment. "It includes a full portable laboratory for security and digital forensics experts, but it also includes all you need to develop your own software or protect your privacy with anonymity and crypto tools" [3] [4].